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New additional feature of RBO at the RBO EX1, it's an additional 50 stages created to test your skills even further by pitting you in extreme battles with multiple sub bosses and some times multiple end bosses at once.

Common rulesEdit

  • For every 5 arena you will get another 5 arena.
  • In arena of multiplication of 10 you can fight new special arena boss
  • You always start with 3 Ygdrasil Leaf but,
  • You can get 1 more Ygdrasil Leaf if you failed an arena for a maximum of 6 Ygdrasil Leaf
  • The requirement of unlocking arena 41 - 50 are different between RBO Ex 1 and other Expansions

RBO Extra Scenario Vol. 1Edit

  • To unlock Arena 41 - 50, you have to complete Arena 1 - 40 using all Classes (7 Classes in any gender)

RBO Extra Scenario Vol. 2 and 3Edit

  • To unlock Arena 41 - 50, you have to complete Arena 1 - 40 using 2 Classes (2 Classes in any gender)

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