You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Endure Level 3


Passive, activates under certain conditions


If you get hit at low HP (about 20~25% or less) your character explodes, hitting the enemy twice for about the same damage as a Strong attack in the air for the male Swordsman. You are invincible during the activation of this skill (so it can save you from a combo if it's activated).

It adds Damage to all of your attacks for a period of time. After a while (about after a minute for Auto Berserk level 1), if you haven't died and your HP is still at a critical level and you get hit again, it will be activated yet again, giving you more attack.

Not all attacks activate it, mainly those that actually flinch your character. You also have to be on the ground to activate it.

Adding points to this skill will add a better chance to activate only and not the damage output.

Gender DifferencesEdit

No Difference

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