You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Sword Mastery level 3


↓↘→ B


A strong forward skill that does damage

Related SkillEdit

Stun chance effect if you add at least 1 Point in Fatal Blow. Adding points to Bash makes it stronger (both hits). Press Strong Attack after hitting with a Bash to combo into Second Bash for 10SP.
Adding points to Fatal Blow skill adds stun chance (for both hits), not damage to Bash.

Related MoveEdit

  • Chain Bash require at least 1 point in this skill and DEX 20.
Use Bash right after hitting with the first one to use the second with barely any delay, you can keep chaining them if the enemy doesn't move (or if you Stun it). You still use the SP for each consecutive Bash (30 SP)
Bash that can be use while in the air or Jumping. Does a slice like Male Swordsman, it does normal Bash damage and then hits about 1~8 times for low damage while you drop to the ground, so the higher you jump, the more weak hits it can do. This move can't be cancelled, so it can't be followed with Second Bash or Chain Bash


SP30 for regular Bash and Chain Bash

SP10 for Second Bash

Gender DifferencesEdit


He does a small step forward and a downward slash. Second Bash is a slash upwards.


She does a step forward and a horizontal slash with good range. Second Bash is a stab while taking a larger step forward, with even better horizontal range, but possibly smaller vertical range.

Can also do Aerial Bash.

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