Acolytes are primarily support characters, able to Heal and buff stats of the whole party. Attack power and options are very limited, but defense power is high. Maneuverability is good in the air, but its easy to get trapped on the ground.

Important Attributes: INT and DEX

09acolyte male10acolyte female
Male SwordmanFemale Swordman
Male ArcherFemale Archer
Male MagicianFemale Magician
Male MerchantFemale Merchant
Male AcolyteFemale Acolyte
Male ThiefFemale Thief
Male NoviceFemale Novice


Acolyte only, other jobs have some different effects for certain stats.


  • Level 4 = +1 LUK
  • Level 12 = +1 VIT
  • Level 20 = +1 INT
  • Level 28 = +1 DEX


Acolyte Skills
Skill Command Requirements Effect Summary
Holy Light ↓↘→ B Angelus (2) + Blessing (2) Summon a ball of light, which drops from overhead.
Divine Protection passive default Increases defense power Passive Skill
Demon Bane passive Divine Protection (2) Increases attack power Passive Skill
Heal (D) ↓↓ B default HP of all characters in the circle is healed
Increase Agi (D) →→ A Heal (3) Rise the AGI of all the characters in the party.
Decrease Agi (D) ←← A Increase Agi (3) Decrease the AGI of all enemies around you (Slow effect)
Angelus (D) ↓↘→ B Divine Protection (2) Defense for all characters in party improves.
Blessing (D) ↓↓ A Divine Protection (3) Increase STR, INT, and DEX for all party
Pneuma ↓↓ A Teleport(1) Block all range or projectile attack
Teleport ↓↓ B (+Air) default

Teleports to a random distance.

  • Acolyte-M teleports horizontally 
  • Acolyte-F teleports vertically


Acolyte-M MovesEdit

Move Command Requires Costs Effect Summary
Chain Attack 1 A A AGI 10 0 Second weak attack if the first weak attack hits.
Aco-M Combo1
Chain Attack 2 A A A AGI 20 0 Third weak attack if the second weak attack hits.
Aco-M Combo2
Heal Bomb Heal →(hold)+B

Heal 1 +

INT 10

0 Throw a healing ball that knocks the first thing it hits, even an enemy. Heals no undead.
Holy Light Shot

Holy Light

→ →+B

(needs timing)

STR 10 +

DEX 10

1 SP A powerful dashing attack. Hit a falling Holy Light to launch it forward for multiple hits.
Spin Palm Strike → →+B

STR 10


DEX 10

1 SP Spin-thrusting palm attack that shoves forward ground non-boss monster it hits.
Dash Spin Palm Strike →→ →+B

STR 10


DEX 10

1 SP Longer range Spin Palm Strike
Spin Heel Kick → →+A DEX 5 1 SP Hits twice. Second hit pulls the enemy in.

Dash Spin Heel Kick

→→ →+A DEX 5 1 SP Longer range Spin Heel Kick
Aerial Machine-gun Punch


↓↘ →+A 

STR 10


AGI 20

5 HP

5 SP

Multiple hits at front melee range. Indefinitely repeatable while in the air.


Acolyte-F MovesEdit

Moves Command Requirements SP Effect Summary
Chain Attack 1 A A DEX 5 0 a second Weak Attack if the first Weak Attack hits
Chain Attack 2 A A A STR 20 + DEX 10 0 a third Weak Attack if the second Weak Attack hits
Grab Heal Heal →+B Heal 1 + VIT 10 (as Heal) Grab the target to heal. Takes the same SP as casting Heal, but also requires Heal to be cast, so total is twice Heal SP.
Holy Home Run → →+B STR 10 2 A slow, strong attack. Hit a falling Holy Light to launch it forward for multiple hits.
Holy Hammer → →+A INT 10 2 Bash the holy ball like a hammer. Can combo into and out of other moves, including itself.
Lunar Buster Lariat A+B STR 60 10 Run forward and swing the arm for high damage. Costs 50HP.


  • Since Increase AGI and Blessing increase the base stats (STR/INT/AGI/DEX), they can temporarily allow a character to qualify for moves that have stat requirements.
    • For example, Blessing 10 can boost a 50-STR F-Acolyte to 60-STR, allowing her to use Lunar Buster Lariat.

Male Swordman Male Archer Male Magician Male Merchant Male Acolyte Male Thief Male Novice
Female Swordman Female Archer Female Magician Female Merchant Female Acolyte Female Thief Female Novice


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