Archer Skill Tree


Passive Skills:

Owl's eyes [フクロウの目] Max Level: 10

- Adds 1 Dex per Level

Vulture’s Eyes [ワシの目] Max Level: 10

- Adds 1 Agi per Level.

Active Skills:

A = Weak Attack
B = Strong Attack
C = Guard D = Cast / Special

Arrow making [矢作成] Combo: D

- Creates Arrow Depending on the Level, Adds 1 Arrow per Level

Double Strafe [ダブルストレイフィング] Combo: ↓ ↘ → + B

SP Consumption: Skill Lv?4+28

- Two high damage arrows are shot, No Arrow stock is used.
(Archer-M) Two arrows shot horizontally, one high one low. Long range, descends
(Archer-F) Two arrows shot horizontally, one after the other.

Arrow Shower [アローシャワー] Combo: ↓ ↓ + B in air or standing
SP Consumption: Skill Lv?3.1+27.2(round down). Max Level: 10

- A large amount of low damage arrows are shot. No Arrow stock used.

  • (ground) A large number of arrows are shot forward. Range is long and it reaches the height of the character x 1.5. It doesn't penetrate.
  • (in the air) Shoots 18 arrows to the right while moving the body right and
    left. It doesn't penetrate. You can cast it continuously. It is possible to rise outside the screen when firing in rapid succession.


  • (ground) Shoots 16 arrows up at the sky which fall shortly after. Archer is defenseless while attacking, only arrows shot will fall. Arrows penetrate.
  • (in the air) Shoots 10 penetrating arrows diagonally down. Rebounds up. Does half the damage of grounded arrow shower.

Improve Concentration [集中力向上] Combo: ↓ ↓ + A
SP Consumption: Skill Lv+44. Max Level: 10

- DEX and attack power rises for a fixed time. DEX * (0.02 + Lv*0.01) rounded up is added.

Charge arrow [チャージアロー] Combo: ↓ ↘ → + A SP Consumption: (skill Lv+1)/2+19 (round down)

- Energy is charge, then a large, penetrating arrow is released. Damage is about 800.

  • Archer-M: Shot misses short enemies until it descends.

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