Here's a new translation made by myself, build on top of Sara-chan's one and using PACNyx+

It adds all menus, caution messages, character names, stages names and descriptions.

The only thing missing is what google couldn't seem to translate, which was only the lobby dialog.

Not everything is a 1 to 1 translation (mostly because of space limitations) but it's mostly accurate, and most of the changes are in the stage descriptions.

You are free to finish and/or polish this translation, or if you can translate the lobby dialog (and maybe the credits) send me a message and I'll complete this 100%.

Just unzip and replace the folders in their respective folder (meaning the RBO one where you installed the original game and the Rbo_Ex1, Rbo_Ex2 and Rbo_Ex3 in each of the folders where you installed each expansion)

Same as the Sara chan's transaltions, it only works if you launch the game from the expansion pack 3 (If you're installing this, you don't need sara chan's translation, since it's included in this one)

V1.1 (Fixes crashes on some Ex stages, but the read mail still crashes)!F6BiETxb!G_lzJoA_qJDPfEIWsQ3M7O7qLS9Lh2fxb162eoR50O0

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