Nothing (Default at start up)




Blocks an enemy attack and converts it into 5 Zeny, which spills out above the Merchant's head. If it does not block an attack, the Merchant will be unable to move or attack for a short time.

  • You can combo into this from any normal attack.
  • You can combo out of this if you successfully produce coins.


  • You can tap D while running. The Merchant will slide as he or she uses Discount. Video: [[1]]
  • As shown in the above video, you can Discount multiple attacks at once. You get 5 coins for each attack.
  • You can use Discount while crouching to safely Discount an attack that would normally not hit a crouching character.
  • After successfully Discount-ing an attack, you can attack or chain another Discount instantly.
  • There are several types of attacks in terms of Discount.

Body attacks:

  • A1. Using Discount will hitstun the monster as if you hit it, and end the attack.
  • A2. Using Discount will NOT hitstun the monster, but it will make you invincible to the attack.
  • A3. Using Discount will NOT hitstun the monster, and you are still in danger of being hit. These attacks can be Discounted multiple times.

Disconnected, ranged, or weapon attacks:

  • B1. Using Discount will make the attack either disappear or otherwise become harmless.
  • B2. Using Discount will make the attack safe for you, but others can still be hit by it.
  • B3. Using Discount will not make the attack safe. It will continue on and hit you if you are in its path. These attacks can (usually?) be Discounted multiple times. Video: [[2]]

Some attacks are actually multi-hit and must be Discounted multiple times to become 1 or 2, but they're not a 3.


  • Can you block an Acolyte's offensive heal skill (Heal Bomb,Grab Heal)? Yes, for Heal Bomb (B1). No, for Iron Grip of Heal
  • Does Merchant-F's Discount have a shorter range?
  • Does an Orc's axe attack count as a body attack? In other words, does it get stunned by a Discount? Only if the Orc is close enough to get hit by Discount.


  • Shinobi's Fire jutsu: B3
  • Grass under Greatest General: B3
  • Giant swinging axe?: B3
  • Some mermaid's mini-tornados: B3
  • Nightmare's charge: A1
  • Maya's antennae when she transitions between the first and second part of the fight: A3
  • Deviace's pillars: B3
    • Getting frozen by Deviace while in Discount position will discount the rocks that follow as a B1.
  • Bapho Jr.'s dark ball: B3
  • See also: [[3]]
  • See also: [[4]]
  • See also: [[5]]
  • See also: [[6]]

Gender DifferencesEdit


  • The coins always spill out onto him or behind him, never in front of him.


  • The coins will bounce in random

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