Elements Replacer

Features and Limitations

So what exactly this thing do:

1. You can change *almost* all element in RBO

Example : i have modified bg01_01_01.Img and new wav file for Bapho sound (st07_bapho_tama.wav) and decided to change poring to poporing

then the apps will automatically create directories and rename if necessary to RBO Game directories in

\Data\Bg\BG01\bg01_01_01.Img \Data\Sound\se\stage7\st07_bapho_tama.wav

2. You can create a package to distribute it and installing it easily

all you have to do is create a nice readme (using a specific template from me) and some modified files (usually WAV and IMG only). you only need to provide the sound and image only. The monster's or character's DAT and FOB are not neccessary except on rare occasion where you can edit them.

'3. You can ZIP a package to distribute it and UNZIP it easily'*in v1.0.6 now this application can compress them using ZIP and UNZIP a package to a custom folder

4. Quick note for monster replacing (Switch Files) .

The same concept with RBO Monster Changer, this app will use PACNyx's extracted files to change any monster with another monster (actually you can decide to change anything into anything). So you don't have to included the monster DAT and FOB in the package.

This application limitations : 1. my apps will NOT convert any files (for now), only rename if necessary 2. will NOT change anything INSIDE PAC, only copy to your RBO game directories 3. will NOT create CG,DAT, DT2, FNT, FOB, IMG, REP, RP2, RP3, RP4, TXT, WAV, or PAC files that RBO game used. at the moment you will have to create it yourself..... *pfft assuming that you can since many file format is blackbox to me*


  • VB OCX, it's in the bottom link. Just extract them to the same folder with the apps
  • This application use PACNyx's extracted files from RBO PACs. So if you haven't heard of PACNyx, please (dead link)why? it
  • You don't have to use Sara-Chan Translation Patch (SCTP) but i take special care for user that already install it since i'm a user of SCTP too. if you don't have Sara Chan's Translation Patch (SCTP), you can (dead link)why?

For Download and More Information, Visit this website:

(dead link)why?

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