You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Soul Strike Level 3


(D) →→ B


Press Cast then Forward, Forward, Strong Attack


He/she will cover the body in a magic coating that will protect against HP damage by reducing its damage and convert it into SP damage

In short it will raise your defense like adding massive VIT in your stats and then convert it into SP damage meaning you'll lose SP instead of HP, but it has a limit of how much damage it can absorb and convert

Should the damage you received exceeds the limit, the unconverted damage will still reduce your HP as usual, and the more SP you have left the less damage you will take. The damage limit and spell duration will increase with each skill points added to the skill level.

In level 1, this will only hurt BOTH your SP and HP, annoying and disturbing rather than helping you,and its suggested to have a high SP recovery and/or high INT to back up the rapid SP decrease, with that said its better to take this spell when your level is higher than 10 and has got your main attacking spells.

This skill also increases the power of your Resistance Armor much like having VIT on your mage,but not much enough to be abused since mages have weak defences from the start.


SP use : 30

Gender DifferencesEdit

No Difference

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