You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Nothing (Default at start up)


↓↘→ B


Press Down, Forward, Strong Attack


Winds up to dash forward. The first enemy he comes in contact will trigger a powerful attack that hits in an area. Has a chance of poisoning the enemy(s).

  • Increase in level increase damage.
  • Increases chance of poisoning the enemy.



  • Quick Envenom (Evade -> Envenom)
Command D ↓↘→ B
This hidden move allows Thief to bypass the long wind-up of Envenom, producing a quick Envenom strike at a shorter range. Envenom must be trigger shortly after pressing Special button (Evade).


  • Powerful Envenom(Hiding -> Envenom)
By hiding that sets up your beginning pose for Envenom , you can Envenom right away minus the range. The damage is also greatly increased.

Gender DifferencesEdit

The female's Envenom causes a jump, while the male attacks forward. The female can use envenom in the air, which can also be used to gain height to extend a combo.