You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Fire Bolt level 3


(D) ←→ B


Press Cast then Back, Forward, Strong Attack


The magician conjures a huge fire ball and lobs it forward in a parabolic arc,it does a heavy single hit, pierces enemies body and explodes when landed,

In RBO this skill is a powerhouse horizontal projectile at the size of Jupitel Thunder, at level 10 it will cause around 1800 damage and 2000 explosion damage with 50 INT, although the singular damage is very high but it is a single hit attack,a total of 3900 damage is pale to comparison of a full Fire Bolt attack which runs around 8000-9000 with less SP consumption and faster casting, the only saving grace is that it has a piercing properties and it has a horizontal trajectory which is easier and safer to aim than the Fire Bolt.

  • Explosion does even more damage upon contact and will knock some enemies down. The explosion is also a one hit piercing attack.
  • Damage increases with each point added to the skill level.
  • Can also be use a shielding technique against long range attack (such as Orc Arrows) because the Fire Ball will not dissapear until landing


SP = Skill Level + 25

Gender DifferencesEdit


Create the Fire Ball from the front


Create the Fire Ball from the head

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