You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Fire Ball level 3


↓↓ B


Press Down, Down, Strong Attack


The magician touches the ground and a thick wall of fire appears in front of him, will do multiple damage and will knock most of the enemies back, except huge monsters and bosses, they will receive the damage rapidly instead.

The duration and damage slightly increases with each points added to the skill level.

This is a great spell for melee battle mage since you can attack enemies while the firewall damages them at the same time,making your work easier, any level of it will be useful but max level is suggested if you want to be serious due to its long duration at level 10.

This spell turns out to be one of the best Safety Wall killers in RBO, level 1 is enough to break the Safety Wall of the angeling boss. If you have this at your disposal when fighting it annoy him with this and he's pretty much defenseless against your spells.


SP at

  • Skill Level 2 = 40
  • Skill Level 4 = 41
  • Skill Level 6 = 42
  • Skill Level 7 = 43
  • Skill Level 8 = 44
  • Skill Level 10 = 45

Gender DifferencesEdit

No Difference

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