You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Cold Bolt level 3


(D) ←→ A


Press Cast then Back, Forward, Weak Attack


The magician launches a wave of freezing cold ice spike on the ground that travels horizontally at a very high speed, does minimal damage and has chance to freeze the target upon contact.

  • Its a single hit non piercing projectile meaning it will disperse after hitting one enemy but if many enemies gathers together at the same spot it has a chance to freeze all of them too.
  • Freeze status will not affect boss monsters.
  • The range of the spell is fullscreen length and cannot hit flying enemies.
  • The freezing chance will increase with each point added to the skill level, the success rate is near 90% at level 10.
  • Although its said it doesn't affect boss monsters, this only applies to some important bosses though, usually signaled by a music change during the fight with them, this is usually the end boss-es although at Stage 7 and some of the EX's there are midbosses like Mistress, Garm, Amon Ra,and the Paper, with that said this works wonders to the Angelings in Lutie and the Toy Factory and Arena Mode Level 10.
  • Get this if you have done with your other skills, this is a nice supplementary skill but not essential to any builds, it helps to pin enemies down and Lightning Bolt and Thunder Storm will do 2x damage to a frozen enemy.

If you are a melee battle mage, the fast casting and the stopping effect will help you stall unwanted enemies long enough until your finished with your main target.


SP 35 at level 10

Gender DifferencesEdit

No Difference

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