Large Heal

HP of all characters in the circle of cast is healed.

  • HP Heal = ( 1 + [ ( Character Level + INT ) / 16 ] * 0.2) * ( 1 + Skill Level * 2 ) * 40

You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Nothing (Default at start up)


  • (D) ↓↓ B
  • Press Special then Down, Down+Strong Attack


  • SP = 26 + ( Skill Level * 4 )

Related MovesEdit

  • Heal Bomb (Male Only) require at least 1 point in this skill and INT 10
  • Converts a Heal into a ball and throws it. Heals and knocks away the first thing it hits, ally or enemy. Can be converted to coins via a Merchant's Discount.
  • Grab Heal (Female Only) require at least 1 point in this skill and VIT 10
  • Converts a Heal into a grab attack. If successful, heals grabbed targets, even enemies. Misses short enemies.

Gender DifferencesEdit

No Difference

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