Large Holy-Light
Summons a ball of light that drops from heaven, landing at the front of the user. Damage is based on the skill's level and character's INT.
  • The ball dissipates upon contact with the mobs, unless launched using Spin Palm Strike or Holy Home Run.
  • One of Acolyte's most damaging move if hit by Spin Palm Strike (Holy Light Shot).
  • Increased skill level:
    • reduces SP cost,
    • increases damage, and
    • decreases the delay between hits when launched (allowing for more hits per ball).
  • A maximum 10 Skill Points can be used on this skill.



  • ↓↘ →+B
  • Press Down, Forward+Strong Attack


  • Spin Palm Strike (Male Only) requires at least 1 point in this skill and STR 10 + DEX 10.
    • A ball of light struck by the Spin Palm Strike will travel horizontally across the screen, capable of multiple hits to mobs.
    • The timing of the ball strike determines the trajectory height.
  • Holy Home Run (Female Only) requires at least 1 point in this skill and STR 10.
    • Using the mace and hit the ball to change the orbit of Holy Light horizontally. The ball flies horizontally, hitting multiple times
    • The timing of the hit determines the angle of flight.

Gender DifferencesEdit

No Differences

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