Pre Installation Guide Note:

  • This guide is for installation only. If you want more info about RBO itself or Bosses strategy, refer to the FAQ Topic.
  • This installation guide was made for Windows XP operating system, best viewed on at least 1024x768 resolution.
  • The latest build version of RBO series currently is v1.100, v2.011, v3.000, and v4.000. This installation guide was made using those version.
  • Installing East Asian language or changing non-unicode language to Japanese is optional [Control Panel > Regional and Language Options]. If we install those options, all folder name does not need to be renamed while installing. However, for this installation guide I will assume that we did NOT install or change it.
  • Some setup only copy the required files into your hard disk, so it is possible to run the game only by copying from the CD or without installing. This guide will also use this way to bypass some Japanese character folder names.
  • If you are not installing from a CD image file, you can start reading from the blue colored note. Else your will need to read the error case later.
  • Some installer file name might be different, since I rename most of them.

Content Index:

  1. The 1st post is this post, containing what we need to read before installing.
  2. The 2nd post contain most frequently encountered installation problem [quick link]. (If you have a problem during installation, you might want to read this post first.)
  3. The 3rd post contains a step by step guide to install original RBO [quick link].
  4. The 4th post contains a step by step guide to install Extra Scenario vol.1 [quick link].
  5. The 5th post contains a step by step guide to install Extra Scenario vol.2 [quick link].
  6. The 6th post contains a step by step guide to install Extra Scenario vol.3 [quick link].

For installation from a CD image or archived ZIP/RAR files. If your installer is not a CD image file, start reading from the blue notes.

Other Useful Installation Guide Topic:

  • Another RBO installation guide by Heipmaster [3rd post]
  • Expansion Installation (Another Version), Another approach in Expansion Installation by kaizer12
  • RBO EX1-EX2-EX3 Installation guide, better then the pinned one! by krazypeople
  • RBO Expansion pack(s) installation, FAQ - Expansion pack 1, 2 & 3 by MagixMan

External Link Edit

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