Kafra is the final boss of Stage 8. She is the cute shopkeeper who had been possessed by an dark spirit and gone evil. She first appears without any minions on her side.

Here are her attacks, and how to dodge/avoid them:

Attack 1: Duplicate

Kafra will split into multiple mirror images of herself that will spread throughout the battlefield, and hide among them. Each mirror image can perform Axe Chop on their own, dealing damage to any players they hit. The mirror images will disappear/walk away after a while, leaving only the real Kafra in the field. To dodge this, stay away from the mirror images when they are materialising their axes. This attack is blockable too.

Attack 2: Weapon Barrage

Kafra will summon several different weapons that will float and spin around her. Shortly, the weapons will start flying forward in the direction Kafra is facing, dealing damage for every weapon hits. To avoid this, try to jump over the weapons. This attack is blockable, and the weapons will be destroyed just when they are about to be sent flying.

Attack 3: Three Weapon Combo

Kafra takes a bow. She then stabs forward with a dagger, spins a chain whip for a while, and chops foward with a knife. Each attack deals damage to the players. To dodge this, just stay away from her.

Attack 4: Two Weapon Combo

Kafra takes a bow again. She then chops forward with ax axe, and slashes with a sword. Again, each attack will hurt the players. To dodge this, stay away from her.

Attack 5: Summon Pushcart

Kafra will cast somewhat like a spell, and ensnares the players with the Merchant's Pushcart. The Pushcart hinders the players' speed and jump, making it hard to move around. Though it's not much of an attack, to avoid this, just jump high up when she casts.

Attack 6: Sword Crush

Kafra slashes forward with what appears to be Orc Hero's sword, and crushes it down to the ground, causing a massive energy burst. The players can get hurt by the first slash attack and the energy burst. To dodge this, stay away when she slashes, and jump high up when she crushes down.

Attack 7 ''''(At half-health): Aura Burs

Kafra will make a yellow aura burst around her, dealing damage to any player nearby. She only does this once, and indicating she's at half-health. To avoid this, just stay away.

Attack 8 ''''(At half-health): Three Weapon Low Combo

Kafra crouches down. She stabs forwards twice with a dagger, and jabs with a spear. She then throws a pushcart forward. Each attack deals damage to the players. To dodge this, jump up with every attack.