Magnum Break

Female Swordman performs Magnum Break on Orc Hero and Orc Lord

You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Bash Level 3


↓↘→ A


With a wide area of effect and high damage, Magnum Break is easily the Swordman's most powerful skill. The swordman whirls around twice before striking a final fiery blow that does the bulk of the damage.

  • The player is invincible through most of the attack.
  • It also combines extremely well with damage stacking. A few quick foot jabs followed by a Magnum Break allow the last hit to deal 10,000 damage or even more.


SP = 40

Gender DifferencesEdit


Does 2 slices (area around you gets damaged), then jumps and and falls on the ground causing Fire damage (Elements aren't implemented though ) on an even wider area that hit both sides.

  • Invincibility until jumping
  • in RBO EX 1 to RBO EX 3, Invincibility from start to end of animation


Hits 3 times (same area as Male Swordsman, the third hit is a little weaker and if there is any enemy that can be flinched/moved behind you near the "air wave" it will be thrown forward, then does a strong Fire attack to the front area.

  • Invincibility from start to end of animation

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