Maya (Big Ant Form) and some Vitata

Maya is the final boss of Stage 2. She's the beautiful queen of all ants that could kill anyone who invaded her lair. She first appears with several Vitata, followed by some Andre, Pierre, and Deniro, as her minions.

Here are her attacks, and how to deal with them:

Attack 1 (Big Ant Form): Sword Slash

Maya stops walking around the stage and whips out two big swords from her hands. She slashes forward, dealing damage to the player in its way. To dodge it, stay behind her, or as far away as possible.

Attack 2 (Big Ant Form): Front Goo Shower

Maya pauses for a while, and rains a bunch of yellow goo in front of her. Each goo drop deals damage when it hits the player. To avoid it, simply stay behind her.

Attack 3 (Big Ant Form): Rear Goo Shower

Maya will pauses again, and this time she rains a bunch of yellow goo from her rear. The goo drops still deal damage when they hit the player. To avoid it, just stay in front of her.

Maya 2

Maya (Normal Form)

Attack 4 (Normal Form): Antenna Attack

After Maya's Big Ant Form had been destroyed, it will collapse and Maya will fall lying on the ground. Her antennas will start whipping about, dealing damage to any player nearby. This attack only appear once, before she finally gets up and continue attacking. To avoid it, stay away from Maya while she's lying on the ground. This attack is blockable too.

Attack 5 (Normal Form): Sword Slash

Maya will walk close to the player and pauses for a while. She then takes out her two swords and slashes forward, dealing damage. To dodge it, just stay behind her, or far away.

Attack 6 (Normal Form): Extended Stab

Maya walks close to the player and pauses for a while. She then thrusts her two swords forward to an extended length, stabbing and dealing damage to the player. To dodge it, time yourself and jump over it when she's about to attack, or just stay behind her.

Attack 7 (Normal Form): Tempest

Shortly after Attack 6, Maya will then jump into the air and starts spinning around with her swords, dealing continous damage to any player caught in it. TThis attack bounces the edge of the screen, and it stops once she lands on the ground. To avoid, stay close to her and jumps over her when needed.

Attack 8 (Normal Form): Sword Legs

Shortly after Attack 7, Maya will jump up onto the air again and extends her swords to the ground, resembling legs. She then starts walking around the screen, dealing damage to players she walks into. After a while, she retracts her swords. This attack bounces from the edge of the screen. To dodge it, jump on her when she's close to you.

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