Moonlight 2

Moonlight Flower

Moonlight (full name Moonlight Flower) is the final boss of Stage 3. She is a cunning and mischevious kitsune who wields a large golden bell. She is able to summon Fox that could transform to look like and attack like her.

Here are her attacks and how to avoid them:


A fake Moonlight

Attack 1: Summon fake Moonlight

Moonlight will retreat into the background and summons two Fox that will transform into her, which will take over the battle. The fake Moonlight only have one attack, a forward bell slam. To avoid this, simply stay behind or away from them. After the fake Moonlight have been defeated, the real Moonlight will come fore into the battle.

Attack 2: Double Bell Swing

Moonlight will stop moving around the screen. She then chimes her bell and swings it two times forward, dealing damage. To avoid this, stay away from her.

Attack 3: Hyper Bell Ring

Moonlight will pause for a while and jumps into the air. She kicks downward, dealing damage to players in the way, and sticks her bell into the ground. She then kicks the bell, creating a great bell chime, and dealing damage to players nearby. This attack has the ability to stun players, and makes Moonlight invulnerable. To dodge this, just stay far away from her.

Attack 4: Forward Bell Slam

Moonlight stops moving, chimes her bell, and slams her bell forward, dealing damage to the players that got hit. To avoid, stay behind or away from her. After this attack, Moonlight will retreat in the background and summons two more fake Moonlight.

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