Orc Hero is the fin

The Orc Hero

al boss of Stage 4. He is the mighty leader of all orcs with a rough attitude. He first appears with several Orc High as his minions.

Here are his attacks and how to avoid/dodge them:

Attack 1: Hyper Roar

Orc Hero will take a big breath and lets out a silent, but huge soundwave, sending any players nearby into the air and dealing damage. To avoid this, just stay far away from him.

Attack 2: Sword Slash

Orc Hero will raise his sword and slashes forward, dealing damage. To avoid this, stay far away or stay behind him

Attack 3: Sword Shockwave

Orc Hero will launch a large ground shockwave forward, which travels quite a distance and dealing damage to players in the way. To dodge this, time yourself and jump over the shockwave when it closes in, or just stay behind him.

Attack 4: Stomp Crush

Orc Hero will jump up in the air and lands on the spot with a massive stomp, dealing damage to players below him. To avoid this, just stay away from him.

Attack 5: Shield Bash

Orc Hero will hold out his shield and charges forward, towards the players. Impacts when the shield hits the players, dealing damage. This is usually done twice in a row. To dodge this, time yourself and jump over him when he closes in.

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