There are six stats, based on the stats in Ragnarok Online, that the player can train as a character levels up. Different stats have different effects on different jobs, and the choice of stats will often affect each character's playstyle.


Strength (STR) increases the maximum physical damage that characters can deal with physical attacks. At 30 STR, a character will do twice as much damage than at 1 STR. Strength plays a predominat role in the Swordman and Merchant classes. It also helps Acolytes who use special moves and normal attacks as their main offense, as well as allows Thieves to do more damage per hits. Arrow damage, however, is not affected by STR.


Agility (AGI) increases the character's evasion and speeds up its animations (running, jumping, falling, attacking, casting, etc). Many of the classes require 10 to 20 AGI to gain an A-button combo move. AGI is an important stat for Thieves and Magicians due to their low HP, but is useful even for Novices and Merchants, who are the slowest classes in the game.


Vitality (VIT) increases the character's hit points (HP), HP recovery, defense against physical damage, resistance against status ailments such as Poison, and Super Armor. Swordmen has skills which are augmented by VIT, such as HP Recovery, Endure, and Moving HP Recovery. Any character who receives damage can make use of this stat.
Max HP = 0.15% * Base HP
VIT 1   = HP Recovery Amount = ( 2% * current HP ) every 8 seconds
VIT > 1 = HP Recovery Amount = ( ( 2% + ( (2% / 3) * VIT ) ) * current HP ) every 8 seconds
HP Recovery amount while Sitting = ( HP Recovery amount * 2 ) every 8 seconds


Intelligence (INT) raises the magical attack power (useful for Magicians and Acolytes), and reduces the damage taken from spell defense. Also, every 16 points of INT raises the potency of the Acolyte's Heal spell. INT also affects maximum SP and SP recovery rate, which is useful for any class who's going to rely on spamming skills as often as possible.
Max SP = 0.15% * Base SP
INT 1   = SP Recovery Amount = ( 0.75% * current SP ) every 8 seconds
INT > 1 = SP Recovery Amount = ( ( 0.75% + ( 0.5% * INT ) ) * current SP ) every 8 seconds
SP Recovery amount while Sitting = ( SP Recovery amount * 2 ) every 8 seconds


Dexterity (DEX) increases the minimum damage dealt by characters. For Archers, DEX also determines the maximum damage dealt by their arrow attacks as well. For every 10 points of DEX, characters can also chain another attack into their strong attack combo.


Luck (LUK) raises critical chance and lucky dodge chance, according to the game manual. Although LUK is not a mandatory stat for most characters, specialized crit builds make use of the stat.
Critical Rate % = 2 * LUK / 5

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