You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Nothing (Default at start up)


↓↘→+A (+Air (Male only))


Press Down, then Forward+Weak Attack. Male Thief can use it while jumping.


  • Cost: 8 SP
  • Damage: 1000 Power (see Damage).
    • Thief-M's Hiding+Steal has 2200 Power.
  • Effect: The monster has a chance of dropping a random Item.
    • The chance is 10% + (3% + 0.02%*DEX)*SkillLevel.
    • At 0 DEX, each skill level adds 3% chance. The range will be 13%-40%.
    • At 100 DEX, each skill level adds 5% chance. The range will be 15%-60%.
    • A monster can only drop an item once.
    • Certain monsters, such as boss monsters, can't be stolen from.
  • Increase in level increases chance to steal an item. It does not increase damage. It might affect item quality.
  • The Steal is rolled before the attack, so the attack can miss.


Jumps high into the air and lands. Upon landing, has a chance of causing an item to be produced from the enemy(s) (animation: blue circle). A swift kick follows, dealing damage.

While it can be used in the air, it can only target an enemy on landing.

By performing Steal from Hiding, Male Thief skips the long jump prior to Steal's actual hit. The damage from the kick is also greatly increased, to 2200 Power.


Leaps forward, grabs the enemy, tries to steal an item (animation: blue circle), then jumps and kicks it.

By performing Steal from Evade, Female Thief skips the leap and immediately attacks. The damage is the same as the normal version.

Stealable Items Edit

These are the items that can be stolen. Skill level does not affect the stolen items.

Item Weight Chance HP SP Notes
Yellow Potion (AGI) 16 5.46% +20 AGI for 20 seconds
Grapes 15 5.12% 4
Blue Herb 14 4.78% 8
Christmas Bell 12 4.10% 80 16
Herb 32 10.92% 4
Apple 30 10.24% 8
Carrot 29 9.90% 12
Banana 28 9.56% 16
Potato 26 8.87% 20
Pumpkin 25 8.53% 24
Red Herb 23 7.85% 28
White Herb 22 7.51% 32
Flower 21 7.17% 36