You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Nothing (Default at start up)


↓↘→ A (+Air)


Can be use while Jumping, then press Down, Forward, Weak Attack


Leaps into the air and lands. Upon landing, has a chance of causing an item to be produced from the enemy(s). A swift kick dealing high damage is followed from landing.

  • Increase in level increases chance to steal an item
  • You get item that will recover some HP
  • The item is random



  • Powerful Steal(Hiding -> Steal)
By performing Steal while in hiding, Thief bypasses the long jump prior to Steal's actual hit. The damage from the kick is also greatly increased.


  • Quick Steal (Evade -> Steal)
Command D ↓↘→ B
This move allows Thief to bypass the long wind-up of Steal, producing a quick Steal strike.

Gender DifferencesEdit

No Difference

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